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    Since the publication of my first book in 2005, I have enjoyed visiting and presenting to schools (from preschool to college) as well as libraries, museums, and teacher and library conferences. I tailor my multimedia presentation to suit the age of the audience.

    I explain the creative stages of developing stories and artwork from unexpected moments of inspiration, brainstorming, and random scribbles in my note book. The collaborative process between myself and editors, which often includes many stages of research, creating a back story and a world for the characters to inhabit, sketching, and revising, in order to bring the words to life through the pictures.

    I have a variety of activities that I include in my presentation. For large assemblies I do a step by step drawing lesson that the students can follow along with and add their own unique twist. For classroom size groups I have an activity that involves creative writing as well as book design, where the students create their own picture book. I also have a workshop for designing pop-up book that works well with middle and high-school students as well as adults.

    I love telling stories with words and drawings. When ever I do a presentation I always bring my very first picture book. When I was in 6th grade my Mom was the art teacher at my grade school. She had us write and illustrate an original story to read to the kindergarten class. Making books is all I’ve wanted to since.  I hope I can share a similar joy and appreciation for books and art in my audiences, and inspire them to make their own work.

Special program available demonstrating the basics of pop-up book construction.

Author and illustrator of Nestor’s Dock comic series for Ask magazine

My first picture book from 6th grade art class.